Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mom's Cookin'

Okay, if you've read this blog for very long, you probably know by now that I love to eat at my Mom's. She's knows I'm a picky eater, yet I always seem to find something I like at her house. And everyone finds it amazing that I grew up in her house and I still don't know how to cook well. The lessons just never took--and it all comes back to the picky thing. I just can't stand looking at certain foods while cooking them! (Especially raw meat--YUCK!)
So yesterday's menu had several things that were right up my alley. It was just a good ole' American meal to help us celebrate the Fourth of July. Here's what we had:

Smoked chicken (my dad's contribution)
Fresh purple hull peas
Fresh corn
Scalloped potatoes
Fresh cucumbers
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh peppers wrapped in cheese and bacon
Yummy cornbread
Garlic bread
Blueberry/Strawberry cake
Chocolate Brownies

It was so good and we were all FULL when we left the table. I stuck with my favorites, and Brian had to pull the chicken off the bone for me. Yes, that's one of those quirks I have: no eating meat off the bone . . . .issues I know.
Of course after we ate, we all had to find a place for a short nap. I'm tellin' ya, we throw quite the party!


Happay said...

I'm the same way about food. It's so bad that I don't cook at our house. I went vegetarian to save myself a bunch of hassle and grossness. I haven't looked back. Its good you found stuff you liked and had a great day with your family!

Tina said...

That sounds delicious!!!

Nancyroo said...

mmm, sounds good. making me hungry.

shelly said...

k now i am super hungry..i am so coming over next cook up at moms house! LOL

Tanya said...

I sure wish that I still lived next door to your mom's house..... I always loved to eat her cooking. We both know that I would have ate every meal with yall, if I could just "hang out" with your family a little longer....haha Although, sometimes your dad would make me go home so yall could have family time, I used to get so sad. XOXOXOXO
Love ya, TSS