Thursday, July 27, 2006

Exciting Stuff in the Making

But I can't tell yet! Just doing some research as of now--trying to get some information about doing something in Little Rock for scrapbookers in and around Arkansas. Lisa (from the LSS) called me this morning with the brainstorm, and of course my little mind has been working overtime ever since. We'll see what comes of it--I'm just putting my feelers out right now. For some reason she thinks I have connections in the scrapbooking world, but I've got her majorly fooled! Anyway, Clayton has the day off today and my student isn't coming for tutoring today, so we are just enjoying a lazy day. Very nice indeed.


~Denise aka NYNative said...

oooh how exciting. You'll have to keep us posted! HMMMM how far is little rock from Dallas??? :-)

Christy said...

oohhh!!! I wanna know!! Glad something exciting is on the horizon!


Patti H said...

Keep me posted on your lss event...dh said lets go...I love it when he says that! Let me know
Patti H