Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Night and I'm Blogging . . .

Yeah, I have no life. Oh well, I am getting some scrapping done while Brian entertains Clayton with the guitar. I thought I would finish up the blog challenge from Chelsea. Here are the other questions:

2. Tell me one person you admire as a scrapper/artist and why. Heidi Swapp. She was just a regular scrapper who worked her way up and eventually got her own products. Oh, to have my own product line . . . :)

3. What is one thing you've never tried on a layout or project that you'd like to try? painting directly on the page, maybe behind a title or as a border on a pic.

4. What is your favorite time of year to scrap and why? I like scrapping moments more than events. But if I had to pick an event, I would pick birthdays.

5. List 2 other people's scrappy blogs that you enjoy reading and post a link to them!! Monique McLean and Heidi Swapp

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