Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Portfolio Building

Last week, I began a journey that has been culminating for almost two years.  I decided to finally take the plunge and get serious about moving forward with my photography!  So as of today, I am officially in business, and beginning the process of building my portfolio!

What exactly is Portfolio Building?  In order to create a collection that is representative of my skills, I will be offering my sessions and prints at half price in exchange for a signed model release by the client.  These prices will be effective until the end of 2011.  The photos I take during these sessions will potentially be used as I advertise my work and grow my business.  If you are interested in booking a session with me, feel free to email me at ineverimaginedbyashley@gmail.com for more specific information. 

I am still wondering where the Ashley of 15 years ago is . . . this step is just another unplanned move on the "i never imagined" ride.  I guess I'd be pretty darn boring if I was still the same person!  The Lord has shown me over and over that it's okay to step out of my comfort zone, okay and best to rely on his strength and not my own.  And in this case, I keep reciting the words to Nichole Nordeman's song:  "So long, status quo!  I think I just let go . . . You make me wanna be brave!"

So here's to letting go of the reigns and moving towards the desires of my heart--the desires that He has placed in my soul.  The reasons for this direction shall be revealed in His time.  And in the meantime, I look forward to creating beautiful keepsakes of His handiwork!


Rhonda Morse said...

Yeah for YOU....Here's to Portfolio Building...you sure have the talent..These are beautiful photos...Love the one with her arms stretched out.very cute

Amy said...

Fantastic photos. Wish I had the talent. I would love to be able to do that--if for no other reason than to get great shots of my Emma. I find it challenging to find photographers who are able to capture the "true Emma."

Wishing you much success! You are quite talented. I bet you could do Emma justice, wish I lived closer to you.

Patti H said...

I say it over and over again I wish we lived closer!!