Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bus Ride Limo Ride

All was not lost on fulfilling Clayton's obsession with riding in people's vehicles.  Make-A-Wish did provide us with a limosine for transportation to and from the concert.   Moreover, to help "make up" for the whole wish fiasco, our escort asked the driver to show us around Fort Worth after the show.  (The actual ride to the concert was only about 6 blocks!) 
So many people were coming and going at the hotel. It was hard for Clayton to focus on much, but I think he did finally realize that this was the "big car" we had been telling him about.
I appreciate that even though we had been told that the wish activities were strictly for Clayton's immediate family, our escort gladly invited my parents and grandparents along for the ride.  There was certainly room for all of us!
And since we don't regularly ride in limos in this family, we didn't realize it would be such an acrobatic feat to get in and out of one---getting Clayton in was a workout for Brian!  (Totally unrelated sidenote:  are his front teeth ever going to come in?!)
 We fought the balloons the entire trip!
Clayton was a little awestruck at first.  He'd never seen a ride quite like that one!  After the concert was over though, he warmed right up to the driver and talked a blue streak about riding around.  (Wish I had those pics, but they are on Brian's camera).
Jackson, on the other hand, had no problem making himself at home.  He immediately helped himself to the bar area and continued to try and touch and/or dismantle every part of the car.
By the time we exited, every glass, napkin, and canned drink was anywhere but its assigned place.  And he also left crumbs from his snack in every nook and cranny.  I'm sure the driver had loads of fun cleaning up after our mess! 
This is his "I'm innocent of all charges" face. 


Stacy said...

I love the look on Clayton's face when he is seeing the limo...and Jackson's "I am innocent' face. Just precious boys you have Ashley!

~Denise said...

oh YAY! I'm glad to hear that there was one redeeming quality from MAW.

and seriously, you do have some adorable kiddos!!