Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For The Record

I don't blame Bill Gaither and Homecoming Friends for this wish mess up as much as I blame Make-A-Wish.  It was their job to advocate for Clayton to have the best wish day possible.  And it was their job to advocate for the correct wish!  When I spoke with the escort in Ft. Worth, she called the National Headquarters.  When she called me back, she said they had it down that Clayton's wish was to meet Bill Gaither.  Period.  No mention of a bus.  That's why I say I was given the run-around by our Wish Coordinator who kept assuring me the Gaithers knew about the bus and we, as Clayton's parents, should ask about it if they don't mention it.  (!!!!) 

With that being said, the Gaither group was never asked about the bus because the MAW people weren't treating that as Clayton's wish.  EVEN THOUGH that was his wish!  And why, for the love, didn't the Wish Coordinator start working out these kinks the first time I ever talked to her about confirming the bus ride?!!

I don't know how these "celebrities" do things, but I have a feeling Bill Gaither didn't even know about us until maybe that morning when his manager was reviewing his schedule for the day.  It wasn't important because MAW didn't stress just how important it was!  Twenty minutes before a four hour concert is not the time to be getting to know a little boy who just might be your biggest fan.  It just doesn't make sense.

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Amy said...

While I agree with you totally, it would have taken very little of Mr. Gaither to extend himself more toward Clayton--regardless. That is what kind, compassionate people do. It's not like you were asking to back home and spend that night at his house or have dinner or anything.