Monday, May 10, 2010

Saving More Stem Cells

If you remember my post about saving Jackson's cord blood, then you'll be interested in knowing all about our latest quest for usable stem cells for Clayton. 
Last Thursday, Clayton had his annual visit to the operating room for dental work.  Dr. K cleans and polishes his teeth, takes x-rays of everything, and in these last two visits, pulls teeth that are loose.  (No one wants to risk Clayton gagging on or aspirating a tooth).  We were late to the game on learning about available stem cells in teeth, (I so wish we could have saved his first two lost teeth) but we made the decision this time to bank Clayton's three pulled teeth (his top two and one lower), in the hopes that some of his own stem cells will be usable for a future infusion. 

We'll know in about three weeks if there were any usable cells in these teeth.  His baby teeth were being formed when he was going through MUCH trauma, so they aren't exactly the healthiest of teeth.  We're praying for SOMETHING to come of this--you just never know . . . it may be the Lord's way of healing Clayton!


Kristina said...

I hope they are filled with lots of stem cells. Emma is only 2 now, but I hope to save her teeth since I don't think we'll have any more children to bank cord blood from. Isn't it amazing all the exciting advances in technology that could help our little ones?

Katy said...

I am SO EXCITED to hear this. I have been following a lot of the research about teeth and so far, it's very promising. Cant' wait to hear if they are able to get anything from these teeth.

Patti H said...

wow I never have heard of such a thing. Fingers crossed that they have something they can save to help Clayton!

Cheri Pryor said...

I've never heard of that! Praying for a good outcome, Ashley! Modern medicine is just amazing!!