Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Trip

We went on a field trip today with a huge group of homeschoolers.  We toured an Egyptian exhibit and a military museum.  Clayton was mainly interested in watching the people and directing his drivers, but this jeep in the military museum did catch his attention.  He just couldn't understand why we couldn't go for a ride in it!  I say (and Clayton would probably agree) that the best part of the trip was that Daddy got to come along with us!


Patti H said...

what fun. love the photo of Brian and Clayton!

Anonymous said...

Im glad Brian got to go. I went to the pharoh exibit with taylor's gt class. I enjoyed the one on one time with her but the whole thing was a joke if you ask me. Our tour guide was a volunteer and I think Taylor and her class new more about ancient Egypt than her. Not to mention she looked just like the old woman on the golden girls. Im praying for Clayton and the whole fam today. Happy b-day! I hope your day is well despite the circumstances. love Josh

Cheri Pryor said...

So THERE is that toothless smile! yay!