Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Game Day

Clayton and I went to the Arkansas Travelers game on Monday.  It was quite the experience since all Arkansas school districts received free admission and it seemed like every kid in the state was there!  We were lucky enough to find a seat in the shade, and while I {tried} to watch the game, Clayton watched the people.  There was just way too much stimulation going on for him to even look at the field!

Once the kids left to get back to school on time, Clayton was able to see that there actually was a game going on!  He even practiced making "SAFE!" and "OUT!" calls with me.  It was nice to have some alone time with him--a big shout out to my parents for chasing Action Jackson all day long!!


Katy said...

Clayton and I could hang out at a game--I talk the whole time and miss everything:)

that picture of Jackson down there is just precious!

Patti H said...

oh how fun!! What lens did you use Ashly?

Cheri Pryor said...

lol!! Sounds like you have some ballplayers in your hands!!

LOVE me some baseball!