Monday, May 03, 2010

Eleven Months

I can't believe we are one month away from celebrating a year with our little man!

At eleven months, Jackson is . . .

**standing on his own from all kinds of starting positions

**still doing some "regular" crawling but mostly gets everywhere by what we call the "crab crawl"

**jabbering away--he seems to repeat what we say with the same inflections we use

**still waving at everyone, yelling "HEY!"

**still saying Da-Da, and something sounding like Momma comes out occassionally

**into throwing things into the toilet if we forget to close the lid

**still not sleeping completely through the night consistently (I think it's something we've passed on to our kids!)

**becoming a picky eater--doesn't want the usual kid stuff like mac-n-cheese.  I struggle to get him fed something of substance each day and I pray he gets over this dislike of soft foods (we don't need anymore feeding therapy/sensory issues around this house!)

**loving the church nursery and always gets a good report on his behavior.  :)

**loving cars and trucks, and when he can't find one, he just pushes other toys/objects around as if they were one

**getting more and more mobile everyday, busy exploring the wide expanse of world around him!


Nic said...

Lets freeze time now!! Makes my stomach hurt how fast it goes!

Pop said...

I got news for you Ashley...while Mom and I kept "Action Jackson" yesterday, I worked on him saying Pop...and he has the two p sounds down but just doesn't put the "o" between them yet. He is on the verge of saying Pop !!!!!

Patti H said...

Woo Hoo for JaCKSON saying POP! That is one of the sweetest words they say! Well of course next to Mommy right? I too can not believe eleven months have gone by!!

Cheri Pryor said...

At eleven months it sounds like Jackson is a busy boy and mom is losing her brain chasing him. What a lovely thing to lose your mind over. lol!!