Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Y is So Last Year

We are still chugging along with Letter of the Week and the routine is working wonderfully for Clayton. Our last letter before the Christmas break was Y:
On the bookshelf:
Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep, A Yarn About Wool
Yard Sale
This Next New Year
See the Yak Yak
Song of the Week:
Yellow Submarine

Online Resources:

For our math lesson, we measured ourselves with a YARDstick. I had him lay on the floor to get measured, and he thought it was so fun when he got to help measure Daddy and Momma! And when we were telling my brother about it, Josh asked "how tall are you?" Clayton answered, very sure of himself: "TEN POUNDS!" =)
Art projects are always tricky with Clayton, so I kept it S.I.M.P.L.E. with this one! We played with yarn all week, and on Friday, I had him help me glue the yarn in the shape of a y. Not much, but it took all his concentration to help me with this!


Anonymous said...

Very nice Ashley! I have a learning-delayed 4 year old, and we're on letter "R" this week, making a road and reading about radishes and transportation (goes with the road!).

I love your ideas, and I'm going to add "yarn" to my Y week now....

Patti H said...

so cute. Love the ten pound anwer. So cute