Monday, January 25, 2010

On Being Creative

Remember when I used to share my creations regularly? Boy, do I miss those days! I've been getting a serious urge to let my creative juices flow, but there simply isn't any time to drag out all my supplies, much less actually get something done that I'll be happy with it . . . Plus, I'm a little obessessed with my videos at the moment and I'm determined to get several boxes of pictures into some albums that I bought (GASP!) at least two years ago. I bought six massive albums (so they would match of course), and I've yet to put one picture in any of them.
I'm hoping that once I get going on that task I'll give myself permission to play a bit with my pics and dust-collecting scrapbook supplies. Not to mention my cards--my stash of handmade cards is nearly gone and I loved giving them instead of store-bought. We'll see if I can get going creatively very soon!!


Katy said...

I do think the set up/take down part of making art is the toughest. I just want to leave all my stuff out, but then I hate to look at it!

Patti H said...

love to see you being creative again