Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Weeks

I MADE IT! I'M OFFICIALLY PAST THE POINT OF WHEN I WENT INTO LABOR WITH THE BOYS!!! I can hear all of your applause for little Baby C for making it to this point! Not to say that he isn't keeping it interesting . . . yesterday morning I was cramping and hurting so bad that I had to call the doctor. She saw me in the afternoon and for the first time, she actually seemed worried. I had blood in my urine but wasn't visibly bleeding--my cervix was closed and still measuring well. The only difference on the ultrasound was that the edge of my uterus (near my cervix) was no longer nicely curved--it was kind of shaped like the top of a heart. I immediately noticed the difference and she seemed perplexed by the change--couldn't figure out if it was the placenta or if it was the beginnings of Baby C's tunnel out into the world. Either one isn't good, but all we can do is watch and wait since my cervix is still thick. All that aside, the main verdict was that my pain and the blood were probably due to a bladder infection, for which I'm now taking antibiotics. I didn't even realize how stressed and worried I was until after she left the room. The tears couldn't help but flow and I think Brian was on the verge of a nervous breakdown! (It's hard to tell how worried he is until we have a close call like that!) SOOOO. . . . . fine for this week and praying for several more good weeks of a growing baby inside the womb!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Back Up

I'm sure this video has been around the block, but I saw it for the first time today and couldn't help but share:

Puts my own problems in perspective and reinforces the fact that with prayer, hardwork, and a ton of support from those around him, Clayton will be able to accomplish anything he imagines!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Wheelchair Etiquette

In a discussion about rude behavior/comments with another mom of a CP kid, she mentioned that one time someone actually stepped through her child's walker because he wasn't moving fast enough. Just another example of how people can be so unaware of the feelings of people with disabilities. It's a totally different situation, but I also feel like Clayton's "personal space" is being invaded when other kids climb all over his wheelchair and/or play excessively with his horn or mess with his O2 tank. Kids don't really know any better, so I decided to post an FYI for the adults--maybe it will trickle down to the kids that way . . .(I've highlighted the ones that are most important to us).
**Always ask the person using the wheelchair if he or she would like assistance BEFORE you help. It may not be needed or wanted.
**The first rule of etiquette when interacting with people in wheelchairs, or power chairs, is to remember that one should not focus on their disability. Instead, focus on the person. Another rule of etiquette is the act of shaking hands, even if their limbs are limited in use. Focus on the person, not on his or her disability.
**People who use wheelchairs have varying capabilities. Some persons who use wheelchairs can walk with aid or for short distances. They use wheelchairs because they help them to conserve energy and to move about with greater efficiency.
**Don't classify or think of people who use wheelchairs as "sick." Wheelchairs are used to help people adapt to or compensate for the mobility impairments that result from many non-contagious impairments.
**Don't pet guide dogs or other service animals as they are working animals.
**It is appropriate to shake hands with a person who has a disability, even if they have limited use of their hands or wear an artificial limb.
**If your conversation lasts more than a few minutes, consider sitting down, etc. to get yourself on the same eye-level as the person who uses the wheelchair. It will keep both of you from getting a stiff neck!
**If you have children, they will stare, it's their nature. Talk to the child about disabled people, and help them to understand why people use wheelchairs. Don't discourage children from asking questions of a person who uses a wheelchair about their wheelchair. Open communication helps overcome fearful or misleading attitudes.
**Bathroom breaks matter. If you plan a gathering or meeting and observe someone in a wheelchair, ensure the person knows and has access to a bathroom.
**Don't hang or lean on a person's wheelchair because it is part of that person's personal body space.
**Speak directly to the person in the wheelchair, not to someone nearby as if the person in the wheelchair did not exist.
**Don't belittle or patronize the person by patting them on the head.
**Give clear directions, including distance, weather conditions and physical obstacles that may hinder the person's travel.
**When a person using a wheelchair "transfers" out of the wheelchair to a chair, toilet, car or bed , do not move the wheelchair out of reaching distance.
**Be aware of the person's capabilities. Some users can walk with aid and use wheelchairs to save energy and move quickly.
**It is ok to use terms like "running along" when speaking to a person who uses a wheelchair. The person is likely to express things the same way.
**Don't assume that using a wheelchair is in itself a tragedy. It is a means of freedom that allows the person to move about independently.
(This is a direct copy/paste from this post at This article also talks about teaching your kids about disabilities.)
This announcement has been brought to you by a sensitive mom of a child in a wheelchair. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Too Many to Choose

Bottles. Could there be a more confusing subject for the mom of a tube fed child??? I just left the store where I stood in the bottle aisle for at least 15 minutes staring at all the options. I still have no idea which is the best or which I will try first.
Actually, my FIRST plan is to breastfeed. And anyone who was around when Shawn and Clayton were born knows that I'm a milk-producing momma! I'm just Nervous Nellie about actually directly feeding a baby instead of hanging out with my old friend, The Breast Pump. So I'd like to have a few bottles around just as a backup plan, but I have no clue which one is best to choose. The only real condition I have is I want to be able to use my pumped breastmilk easily--with the least amount of fuss as possible. So I'm sure some of my blog readers have opinions--feel free to share, share, share . . .

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

24 Weeks

Everything is still looking good!

The baby decided to look directly at the probe this morning--he's laying on the left side of his face--you can see his right eye, nose, and mouth. Hello, Baby!

Monday, February 16, 2009

This Boy Loves Email

The other day I got my first email from Clayton:

U b nbetter

I love you

Mj bb mn bbbbbbbbbbhhv nn m m uibn bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyh jgy uhhh ghh

He's since sent me a couple more from school as using the mouse and typing his name are now some of his new OT goals. He is all about the computer and anyone who is sitting in front of one is "checking their email." I really feel like if he can get his right hand in control of that mouse, a whole new world is going to open up for him. I'm hoping this is the year it happens!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day at School

Clayton's school had a Valentine's Day Dance Friday morning so Brian and I went up there to make sure he got to participate to the fullest (yes, we have to do that--it's a whole 'nother story!). He had already told me he wanted to dance with Ms. Marcia and Mya so that's who he spent most of his time with, just standing there bobbing his little head to the beat!

One of the teachers wanted to take each child's pic so when it was Clayton's turn, he really hammed it up (now why won't he do that for my camera???).

I went back up there for the "party" (A.K.A. snack time) and he spent the whole time covering himself in ketchup and pink juice--I guess he just couldn't get enough of the red and pink decorations!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Photog Wannabe

I took some photos last weekend of my friend's family. It was the first time I've ever been asked to take photos of someone else's family--I was NERVOUS NELLIE! I still have SO much to learn about my settings and lighting, but I had to start somewhere, right???? At any rate, we got some good shots, and I'm thinking it wasn't bad for a first shoot. Now if I can just find some other victims to practice on!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

23 Weeks

Well, I guess Baby C got restless with the breech position after being that way for so long because today he was finally head down. Makes me nervous in a way because I'm wondering what the heck he's getting ready for, but I'm hoping it was just a case of needing a different view of things! He weighs 1 pound 4 ounces now which is interesting--he's almost up to Clayton's birthweight! My cervix measured well today and the doc sent off my first fetal fibronectin test to determine if my body is getting ready for labor. All things considered, I'm doing very well. The only concerning thing today was although my cervix was closed tight, it was soft. Soft isn't that great since that's supposed to come with labor. The ultrasound gave no indication that my cervix was weakening, but I'll worry anyway! Gives me something to do with all this resting time I've got lately!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warmer Weather

This weekend was such a nice change--warmer weather invaded for more than 24 hours. All three of us went for a long four wheeler ride to check out the new golf course they're building not too far from our house. Clayton absolutley LOVES riding the four wheeler! I don't think he ever gets tired of it . . . but me, on the other hand, well, I was more than a little stiff after riding for that long in one position! But it was well worth it in the end because we got some much needed quality time together--I never get tired of being with my guys!

Friday, February 06, 2009

I've Actually Scrapped

Some are better than others, but after taking such a long break from creativity, it took me a while to get warmed up!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

22 Weeks

I didn't think I'd share another belly pic, but Patti has been begging for one, so I thought I'd endulge her . . . the baby is still looking good and somedays he can be quite the little wild man! He's been breech for several weeks now and his main stomping ground is my bladder! It seems all I'm doing these days is stopping at the bathroom and running to Wal-Mart for more toilet paper! My cervix has been thickening back up ever since it got under 4 centimeters. That's when I started the progesterone shots, and I'm thinking those shots combined with a lot of prayer are working beautifully. There is debate among doctors on whether the progesterone actually helps anything, but Dr. Lawrence says my measurements have made her a believer for sure! Twenty-four weeks is just around the corner, a milestone in my mind only, but one I'll feel blessed to get passed. Clayton went back to school this week, so I'm back to resting as much as possible while throwing a few chores in here and there. I'm trying to take it easy even though my brain is constantly making lists of things I've got to get done. One day at a time is definitely my motto right now!