Wednesday, February 11, 2009

23 Weeks

Well, I guess Baby C got restless with the breech position after being that way for so long because today he was finally head down. Makes me nervous in a way because I'm wondering what the heck he's getting ready for, but I'm hoping it was just a case of needing a different view of things! He weighs 1 pound 4 ounces now which is interesting--he's almost up to Clayton's birthweight! My cervix measured well today and the doc sent off my first fetal fibronectin test to determine if my body is getting ready for labor. All things considered, I'm doing very well. The only concerning thing today was although my cervix was closed tight, it was soft. Soft isn't that great since that's supposed to come with labor. The ultrasound gave no indication that my cervix was weakening, but I'll worry anyway! Gives me something to do with all this resting time I've got lately!


Susan said...

I continue to pray for a healthy baby and mommy and a normal pregnancy and delivery. Sending you love..

Patti H said...

Well thanks for the update Ashley. Still saying a little prayer everyday for you and baby C