Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Around Good Day

Today was a good day. We didn't have to get up very early and Clayton only had two hours of therapy instead of three. That meant when we got home from therapy he still had energy left to actually enjoy school and even take a ride on his bike. We all three got to eat lunch together and play and sing together. We visited with the neighbors and got some great sunshine time. It's too bad we can't have days like this everyday, but with Clayton's therapy schedule, it's just not possible to do so much since he's so tired when he gets home.

I will tell on myself though and admit that I had forgotten that his P.T. was cancelled. Jamie (O.T.) texted me to tell me she couldn't wait on me any longer, she had to leave Clayton at the front desk. Meanwhile, I was sittin' on my tushie right here at the computer thinking I had another hour before picking him up! Luckily, he loves "helping" the front desk people and they like him as well. I couldn't believe I had left him up there like a little orphan child! Thankfully, he's pretty quick to forgive his forgetful momma!

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