Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Checking In

I have just a few minutes to let my blog readers know that yes, I'm still alive!! It's amazing how fast the days are passing. I spent last week getting ready for a garage sale, spent Saturday having it, and then Sunday recovering plus shopping for replacements of what I sold!! I've already bought new lamps and bath rugs, still looking for hall rugs and a kitchen table. The table is at the top of the list since we are without one at the moment!

We also did get to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday and spent Sunday afternoon carving the pumpkins with a new friend of Clayton's. Pictures of both are coming soon. We're still in the middle of a rash of doctor's appointments, so it seems like I'm never at home . . . and during all of this I'm dealing with a baby who is majorly cranky in the afternoons!! Jackson's crying makes Clayton so nervous, I wish there was a way to stop it. It's almost like he's already cutting teeth! He had a bottle at the hospital today and all he did was gnaw on the nip.ple. Just like a teether. Seems like he's going through a growth spurt as well. No longer sleeping through the nights--gets up at least once to eat and no longer sleeping late--gets up early for a feeding. I'm just so thankful he doesn't wake Clayton up since they are now in the same room.

I am seriously so inefficient with my time these days. I have gotten some stuff marked off my list, but I just keep adding and adding instead of making actual headway. Oh well, such is the life of a Momma!

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Patti H said...

Glad to hear from you Ashley. I also want to tell you we are really going to miss you this weekend!! We must get together soon! Poor Jackson I hope he is not teething already!