Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Daddy's Truck

Afternoons have definitely been different lately. The prettier the weather, the more guilty I feel for not being able to do anything fun with Clayton once we get home from school. Normally, we would go to the store, go for a walk, or at least sit on the porch to enjoy getting out. But since I can't lift him, once we get home and Brian gets him unloaded, he is pretty much stuck in his chair until Brian comes back from work. Not a fun way to spend a beautiful afternoon if you're five! So lately, Brian's been trying to take Clayton with him on his errands if it's feasible and I've even started going along for the rides as well. Clayton is one happy camper riding in daddy's truck (one of his favorite activities), and these days going to the "paint store" and "Lowe's house" are at the top of his fun list. Yesterday was so nice, we left the school and headed for the store without even going home. We eventually had to come back and get the truck for the supplies, but we headed right back out and Clayton was in heaven riding around town. And since we didn't have his wheelchair at Lowe's, he had a first yesterday with riding in the buggy at the store. He had to work extra hard at sitting up, and you could tell he was tired by the time we were leaving--but there's nothing like a little extra therapy while you're shopping!


Nikki said...

so glad you all got to get out and have some fun! Love your blog banner picture by the way! It's beautiful!

Patti H said...

I can not believe how big and mature Clayton is getting.