Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Full Weekend

We had another happenin' weekend around our house. We spent Friday night at the Gaither Concert and didn't get home until after midnight--I couldn't believe Bill Gaither kept the senior citizens out so late!! We just had to go because when they are on TV, Clayton is mesmerized by all the singing and praising that goes on. It was definitely a little different at a live concert though--he sang along with the songs he knew, but he was completely distracted by all that was going on around him. We were right next to the stairs, so he had to stare at each person who walked up and down--he just couldn't get enough of the people!

And even though we thought we'd take it easy on Saturday, we ended up going shopping for some Easter clothes--Clayton's the only one who actually ended up with an Easter outfit. Tried to find him some shoes, but finding shoes for a kid with high muscle tone can be a little more than frustrating. Brian and I both just gave up after trying on endless pairs of shoes.

Yesterday was beautiful and we even made it to the playground for a little bit--we couldn't stay forever because I couldn't help Brian and one person can only carry Clayton around for so long . . . he did get to enjoy the swings and the slide though. After that, he just wanted to get back to "riding in daddy's truck." We ended up coming home and cooking hot dogs on the grill. And since Clayton was doing his own cooking and talking up a storm, I thought I'd share it here for my blog readers. (I wish I had gotten the camera out sooner because by this time he was losing steam on the conversation--but you'll still get to see that he's a talker!) Hope you all enjoy!


Oscar T. Grouch said...

Love to read your goings on. Waving Hi.

createdmonster said...

:0) Made me smile this morning watching the video....he is so sweet!

Cheri Pryor said...

He is just getting so BIG!! And I see you managed to stay out of the video....**waiting patiently for a belly pic** lol!