Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Video Time!

Well, Amy tagged me on her blog the other day, but I'm thinking a video of Clayton would be much more fun! (Sorry, Amy!)


I think he's finally starting to get over his stagefright, although he still has a long way to go. This is video is a step up from most that I get of him--at least he isn't just looking at me saying "my picture Momma!"


Patti H said...

Clayton and Ashley that is too cute!! John and I both enjoyed hearing you both! Hugs to you all

Amy Chomas said...

Ooooh too cute! He made Jack laugh! Jack says the same thing about daddy all the time, daddy work! TOo cute!
I don't mind you skippin the tag at all if you are posting sweet little Clayton! oooh my gosh! lol!

Kelli said...

oh I love you. I love hearing your voice, and glad your safe, with all the weathers going on in Arkansas. I guess you aren't near that.

he's the cutest! cutest cutest cutest!

Teresa Loop said...

Oh Ashley! I love the video of Clayton, he looks like a little BOY - not a toddler!! What a dude.

noelmignon said...

this is precious!

Sarah said...

Oh Ashley, that was just TOO MUCH!!
Clayton, you are so precious and I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since mommy's day out last week!!

So sweet!!

Nicole said...

uncle josh says that is WAY TOO MUCH!!! love ya'll