Friday, March 23, 2007

We're Back from Botox!

And guess what? They did it without an IV! YEAH! Brian even went into the O.R. with him to keep him from getting upset. They used two different gases to knock him out and Brian ended up getting a bit and he said he almost passed out himself! It was a quick procedure--he was up and awake and ready to go before they could even get the paperwork done. I was SO HAPPY they didn't have to start an IV. Now we just get to sit and wait on his little muscles to start reacting--let's pray it works!


Jes said...

so wonderful! i'm praying for great results... i can't wait to see the pictures of him cruising around!!

Kelli said...

oh he looks so cute! I'll be praying it all works :)

Leslie said...

oh congrats on the big day! I hope it's all working the way you had hoped for him.