Thursday, March 08, 2007

Contest: Week Two

Our challenge this week was to use the phrase "someday I'm gonna . . ." in our layout. I've been wanting to scrap these pics of us for a long time, and I figured this theme fit them well. I can't believe it's been over ten years since that summer!
Here is the journaling:
In the summer of 1996, Brian and I met while working in Yellowstone National Park. When we left that August, we were determined to return as soon as possible. Here it is over ten years later, and we’ve yet to step foot back into the park. We’ve been out west since then, but never that far northwest. Someday we’ll go back to where our relationship began—someday we’ll visit the little hill that we sat on as we shared our first kiss. And someday we’ll take our children there to tell them the story of how our love began.


Kelli said...

this is awesome! We get to go back all the time to where we fell in love, but we first met at a retreat center not far from where I live would be fun to go back and see it :) How awesome. Love your pics too :)

ole68_2000 said...

I love the journaling on this ashley great job....ChrisPozzi

Paula Clark said...

What a great LO and look at you two!! Ah to be so young and carefree again LOL

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous Ash! Such a sweet layout!