Friday, May 17, 2013

Baseball Season

Clayton played his first "game" with the Conway Braves last week.  I use the term "game" loosely because to be honest, it was anything but that.  :(  I suppose we were spoiled by The Miracle League with their more organized program!  (The only reason we decided to play with the Braves is to avoid the drive to Little Rock and to play with other kids Clayton sees daily).  

Clayton spent most of his time worrying about entertaining the crowd.  He couldn't run the bases without turning around every few feet and waving or yelling to someone (my Grandmother in particular).    And when he came into home, he wouldn't move out the way!  He wanted to sit there and wave and smile at the crowd!

There were some big differences between the Miracle League and the Braves.  With the Miracle League, the kids play an actual game with multiple innings.  Each kid is given a chance to hit from several pitched balls, and the parents are told to stay in the stands and watch the show.  With the Braves, we just kind of showed up, walked onto the field, and then they started letting the kids bat.  Clayton's "team" batted twice through, and then moved to the field for the other team's turn to bat.  After that it was over.  There were parents and siblings wandering around the field the whole time, so it was a bit chaotic in my mind.  Clayton had a blast, so it really shouldn't matter, but this mom likes a little organization in her extra-curricular activities.  :)  Not to mention, it would give the kids a better idea of how an actual game runs.  
Clayton's helper was super--He chased Clayton all over the field, trying to get him to go the right direction!

It doesn't matter how unorganized things are, nothing beats seeing Clayton "running" home, even if he did take several detours to get there!


Stacy said...

This is just most amazingly awesome! I love that kiddo!

Konul Rosario said...

It looks like he had fun! :) Great captures and story, I enjoyed it! :)