Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Gymnast [Almost]

Jackson has been doing gymnastics for about a year and a half now.  It's no surprise that he's naturally good at it, given his Daddy's gym history;  however, I wasn't expecting him to take it so seriously.  For the last year, he has been in a preschool class, and as most preschool activities go, they do a lot of kiddie interaction to make it fun.  That fun includes a song and "dancing" every class.  Jackson will have absolutely nothing to do with the dancing.  He basically sits in the corner until the music is over and then he is up and at 'em when the serious gymnastics starts at the different stations.  The one day his teacher finally talked him into getting up and participating, he had some freak fall and fell and busted his lip, which pretty much guaranteed he was definitely not going to try it again!

At any rate, because of his serious nature about the whole thing, and because his upper body strength is so good, his teachers say that once he gets his cartwheel down (which, shall we say, needs A LOT of work!), he can move up to the invitational class, which means he can finally move past the kiddie dancing and songs which he cares nothing about anyway! 

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Cathy D. said...

He is so amazing!