Monday, February 18, 2013

The Hoppers Come to Town

Clayton finally got to cash in on his gift from Santa Claus by attending a concert by the well-known southern gospel group, The Hoppers.  He is a huge fan of the whole family, but especially of Kim.  Unfortunately, she was sick and on doctor-ordered bed rest.  Clayton was a bit disappointed when I told him, but he was happy to see another of his favorites, Taranda Green, filling in.    
OF COURSE, Clayton had to check out the bus before we ever went in.  When I told him whose bus it was, he tensed up and couldn't even drive his chair it made him so nervous!  It's funny watching him enter this stage of being shy and getting embarrassed.  I hate it for him, but at the same time love it because it's a "normal" childhood thing that most kids go through.  We love seeing signs of "normal" around here!

The music was absolutely fantastic and I'm always amazed at the energy and spirit that these folks we watch pour into each and every show.  Their music and voices are definitely anointed, and some of their songs give me chills each and every time I hear them.  
Clayton was very embarrassed when meeting Ms. Connie, but he was excited about the DVD that Dean had given him!
Clayton enjoyed all of the music, but Dean coming down to sing "Shoutin' Time" with him was by far the highlight of the night.  Clayton was just about to jump out of his chair he was so excited!  He was so emotional that the poor child eventually started crying!  I don't think he knew what to do with himself, he was so happy.  :)  

I'm thinking these small concerts in churches that southern gospel artists do are definitely the way to go for Clayton.  We've now had two great experiences in these venues and I'm thinking the more intimate atmosphere is perfect for Clayton.  

Can't wait to see who's coming to town next.  :)


Amy said...

Oh you could just see the glee oozing outta sweet Clayton. It is sooo very obvious how much he loves music. I love that he got nervous and excited all in one. The look on his face in these photos was priceless! Thanks for sharing. Maybe Emma would enjoy small, intimate settings in concerts like that too. I'll have to check into it for sure.

Brielle and Me: Our Journey said...

That is just awesome!!! Love his smile in those pics!