Friday, February 22, 2013

In Motion

I always share plenty of still images from the events in our lives, but I'm doing my best to capture more video these days.  There's nothing like looking back on your babies in actual motion and voice to take you back to that very moment.  I didn't do a lot of video at the concert the other night, but I did capture just a snippet of Clayton as "Shoutin' Time" started and just before Dean came down to sing with him.  You can see how much Clayton enjoys the music by watching this short clip.  I only wish he had been singing along as well so you could hear his sweet voice!


Amy said...

Priceless! He is beautiful. I love how he loves music. I bet the Hoppers were very flattered.

Amy said...

I have a request. I would love to see Clayton driving his power chair. Emma got hers recently. She did a great test run this summer. We were able to by the demo chair in December, but the weather has been to yucky for her to get back out and really practice. It's too close indoors for her to really practice. She was knocking the door frames up terribly. We are eager for spring.