Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Clayton's speech therapist often has students interning with her each semester.  And when Clayton meets these new therapists, he immediately turns into The Most Perfect Little Speech Student Ever.  (It doesn't always last throughout the whole semester!).  Yesterday, when Ms. Adrienne introduced him to her new helper, she asked him to introduce himself.  He obliged by telling her his name (and even how to spell it), told her all about Ms. Adrienne's family, and even told her about his own family.  His mom, his dad, and his brother Jackson, and his brother Shawn.  He told her that Shawn was real sick.  

People often ask me if Clayton knows.  I guess they want to know if he really gets it . . . if he gets the whole story.

I think in his own special way he does.  When he woke up on the morning of the 28th, he immediately asked me to take him to the hospital.  He has NEVER woken up with that request!  I asked him if he had dreamed about the hospital and he simply nodded yes.  I think he is more in tune to his history and the miracles therein than we could ever fathom.  

So when you see our family photo, you might only see four people.  But Shawn is there.  His imprint is on the story of our lives, and his spirit weaves in and around us always.  And our love for him radiates as we choose to honor him by moving forward in life.  Love that Clayton definitely understands.

**Photo courtesy of Mandy Haber Photography.  Thanks, Mandy!!


Monika said...

Beautiful, Ashley. You have a special little boy there. He could teach us all a thing or two.

Amy said...

Yes, I totally agree. He is definitely in touch and I think he knows way more than anyone can imagine What a precious child Clayton is!