Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Year of the Extra-Curricular Activity

With the dawn of this school year, we have added a few new things to our weekly agenda.  We have our work cut out for us when it comes to keeping up with this new schedule.  In addition to our regular school activities and Clayton's therapy, Clayton is now attending an art class and "acting" class (more to come on this later--it is a program run by occupational therapists).  He also has his regular hippotherapy and church activities to keep up with (including Bible quizzing).  I'm hoping his stamina holds up to all this running around and long days ahead, because I feel like these new arenas will push him out of his comfort zone in a good way.
The art class has already met twice and it has been quite the ordeal getting Clayton to participate.  His helper just graduated from O.T. school and she is getting a crash course in sensory issues!  The first week Clayton gagged several times because another child was using glue.  The second week he was supposed to draw lines and it was a battle since he doesn't like the feel of the crayons in his hand.  You can see that she got him to connect the dots after much begging and [eventually] bribing.  
Jackson must have looked lonely because the teacher is letting him participate as well.  He didn't have any trouble putting his artistic vision down on paper.  (I just wish he would quickly pass out of this fake smile phase he is in!!)

**sorry for poor iphone pics--maybe I'll take my big girl camera to the class before the semester is over.  :)

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