Friday, August 31, 2012

On the Beach, On the Go

The main reason we headed to Gulf Shores this year was so that Clayton could use the beach power chairs we found there for rent.  He could use some more training on the driving (they drive a little differently than his regular chair), but all in all, it was definitely a great thing--our backs especially appreciated it.  He is simply to big to carry very far, and definitely if you are walking in sand!  I did a little videoing of him driving so that I could share for others who are interested in trying them out:

You'll have to excuse the video quality--my videography skills are lacking!

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Amy said...

OH WOW! Thanks for sharing this. My Emma has been demo driving a power chair the past few weeks while her manual chair is on order. She is doing well with it. We didn't get to go outside with it much until the temps started cooling down because the heat just wilts her. Now, the rain is a problem, but I can tell she will do great with one when she can finally get one of her own. She struggles some missing the things that are down low--without some verbal direction--like curbs, flower beds. She cuts it too close. But, she surprised me with it. No one ever thought she would do good with one, but God stepped in again for us.

Emma would love one of these. I have been looking at one of the push kind for the beach--one that we could rent somewhere. We are going to the beach in October. We are getting a late vacation because of my husband's work schedule. Hopefully, it won't be crowded at that time and getting a chair won't be a big problem since the demand should be lower. I had no idea that they came in power too.

I will definitely have to look into this. Yes, it is so hard to carry an 8-year-old on regular ground, but sand makes it nearly impossible.

Thanks again for sharing this.

Clayton really can drive that chair very well. He seems more in control than Emma and more confident too. Emma seems a little crazy at times, like she is trying to scare me by running into bushes so I will scream and she can laugh. She sure does enjoy being in control though.