Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation 2012

Last year, we had an awesome vacation, which I suppose is the reason everything seemed to go wrong on this year's trip!  We stayed in a not so well kept condo, (I'll spare you the details on the dirt we found), the beach was dirty and full of stinky seaweed, the water was full of stingers from what we guessed was broken up jellyfish?, Josh and Nicole's room had no hot water for the first few days, Mom and Dad's room had plumbing issues, the parking was atrocious, it rained and stormed constantly, and my mom ended up in the emergency room almost all of one of the nights we were there.  

So while some sing the praises of Gulf Shores, we were all ready to get the heck out of dodge when it was time to leave Saturday!  We made the most of it, and I wouldn't have wanted to laugh about all the craziness with any other group of people, but I really don't want to have another trip like that for a while!


Amy said...

OH wow! Thanks for the heads up! I guess it is totally possible to get a gross condo. Well, I guess that shouldn't be a surprise to me. That is one of the reasons that I have never tried a condo or rental property anywhere because of not knowing how to make sure that it is clean and meets my standards. Thanks for being honest because it's like everyone I have ever known has always had totally amazing condos, and I have always wondered how they find those and if they always tell the truth. My husband took a trip to Gulf Shores several years ago for business. He has always talked about how great it was and that he would like to go back, but he stayed in a hotel.

Plus, dirty beaches, stingers and nasty seaweed totally gross me out. Glad you could laugh about it with family though. I might have cried.

Patti H said...

well you did manage to get one amazing family photo. Love all the bright colours everyone was wearing. Was that planned? LOVE IT!!