Thursday, May 10, 2012


This child.  
This child has so many people that love him.  And because of those people, he gets to do all sorts of fun and interesting things.  It blows my mind how generous people are with their time and resources when it comes to Clayton, but it reminds me time and time again how special he really is.
Dennis and Terry are some of those people.  They ride Harleys and Clayton has been able to sit on Dennis's bike, but he hasn't gone for a ride, simply because his particular motorcycle doesn't have the seat that could support Clayton.  But Dennis was determined to get Clayton a ride "around the block" (as Clayton always puts it), so he took it upon himself to hook Clayton up with one of his biker buddies.
Steve didn't even know Clayton, but he took time out of his schedule last night to come by the church and give Clayton a ride on his "mokercycle" as Clayton says.  :)  Clayton was all smiles and squealing with delight as they pulled out of the alley--he was having a blast!
 waving, of course!
Dennis videoed the ride (that's a pretty neat contraption on his helmet, eh?)--I hope to share that video soon . . . but I couldn't help but go ahead and share these pics of one very happy boy.  Thank you, Terry, Dennis, and Steve for making Clayton's day--and in Clayton's words:  "do again sometime??"
My short video as they are arriving back:


Stacy said...

That is just awesome! Look at that beautiful smile on his face. I just love that boy to pieces!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I am in tears. I cannot get over the awesomeness of people. What thoughtful friends, ya'll have. I love so much that smile on Clayton's face! This post has absolutely made my day.