Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Motorcycle Ride: The Video

I'm so glad our friend Dennis wore his head cam for Clayton's motorcycle ride!  If you listen closely, you can hear Clayton laughing and squealing most of the trip . . . we are so thankful that others love spoiling Clayton with fun as much as we do.  :)


Amy said...

What a great ride. I could tell he loved every minute of it. You guys sure do have wonderful friends.

Kelli said...

Konner loves watching Clayton having fun on the motorcycle, so cool!!!!

Clare Westby said...

Haha, that head cam is a great way to document everything while giving you the opportunity to focus on driving. Also, Clayton seems to be just playing there! Others might say that it's carelessness, but I say, that's experience at its finest! :)

Clare Westby