Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Boy Stuff

When Brian has his trailer out back, I can guarantee one activity that Jackson and Clayton will be involved in:  backing up.  Whether it be in the gator or the power chair, they have to back up in order to "hook up" to the trailer.  
And Jackson has discovered the trailer is good for something else as well--something to hit that he won't be in trouble for hitting.  Since he has reclaimed his baseball toys, he has decided that hitting anything and everything in his path is fun.  Of course this causes me much unrest, because I'm constantly taking the bats away or punishing him for hitting something other than a ball.  
But the trailer seems pretty indestructible when put up against a plastic or foam bat, so I let him have it when we're outside.  

 It's so funny to watch them and their little boy ways.  Not to mention watching them play together.

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Sounds like life to me said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile and have two little boys my self. I love this post and laughed out loud when i saw the backing up picture. My boys are always trying to "do like daddy does". Thank you for sharing this with us.