Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ten Gallon Hat

For Halloween this year, Clayton was a cowboy through and through.  From his ten gallon hat to his goat-ropin' boots, he was dressed just right for sittin' in the saddle all day.  I thought he looked quite spiffy, but the best part was how excited he got while we were in the store looking at everything.  Once he saw himself in the mirror with the hat on, there was no removing the ear to ear grin on his face!  He was chatty-cathy the entire shopping trip.  He couldn't wait to get out the door to show everyone his new hat and boots!


Brenda Harmon said...

I love this so much Ashley!!! He makes an AWESOME cowboy!! And I can tell he is getting more comfortable in the saddle!!!

Amy said...

Cutest cowboy--ever! He does look good in a saddle.

hannah smith said...

i was a cowgirl this year for halloween