Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Runaway Songwriter

I took my eyes off Jackson for maybe a minute the other day. After an extensive search, I found him out back in the trailer, singing to his heart's content. It was a new song he had written . . . one about "Brian pulling the trailer with the Rhino." (See previous post for Rhino reference). Have a listen to this gift of creativity for yourself. =)

He gets it from me.

Okay, maybe a teensy bit from Brian, but 90% from me. :)


hannah said...

jackson is so cute singing

Patti H said...

how stinkin' cute is that? I love the little videos you post Ashley. Jackson is quite the little singer/songwriter. Watch out American Idol in about 14 years!!

Nilsa said...

Priceless, he's a natural!