Thursday, November 03, 2011

Family Ride

Saturday was a rare day in that we had absolutely nothing planned.  This meant a day of fun spent together!  We decided to take the Rhino up north for our first family trail ride adventure.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about getting rid of the four wheeler and replacing it with the Rhino.  Skeptic no more!  This vehicle is absolutely perfect for the four of us and I'm sure many more days in it are ahead of us.  
We thought that after the rain last week we would be able to spot some pretty waterfalls.  I was armed and ready with my camera, but all I got was a dry creekbed.  Nothing but a sign telling us where the falls would actually be if we hadn't had such a dry summer!  So much for scenic photography . . .
Jackson was the offical map reader.  Kept asking for his "book."  He's got such a good sense of direction, he could even direct us while reading it upside down.  :)


hannah smith said...

cool looks fun

Patti H said...

now that looks like some fun right there!!