Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Fishing

We went to a birthday party on Sunday where everyone fished.  Great and refreshing idea for a kid's party!  It's just too bad it turned hot again--those fish weren't biting at all.  Still, it gave Clayton a chance to try his hand at holding the pole on his own and even reeling in the line with a bit of help.

As usual, his attention was more than divided--the trucks and cars driving made it hard for him to concentrate on catching any fish.
Jackson stayed still for about two minutes.  Long enough to reel in the line one time.  He didn't seem too interested in fishing as a leisure activity!


Amy said...

Now there's an idea. I wonder if Emma would like to fish. I wonder if she could even hold a pole. That one Clayton has looks pretty hefty. He looks awesome, by the way. I love how he can hold himself forward so well in his chair. Emma cannot really do that without propping her arms on something. I just really like his chair a lot. Clayton looks like he might be a good fishermen one day. I don't blame him about the noise. Fishing requires quiet and concentration and good temps.

Patti H said...

oh man Clayton and Max could so hang out. Max only past time this past summer was fishing. Well then Jackson and Ben too would get along Ben wants nothing to do with fishing. LOL Whenever we went out on the boat with Max along came the fishting tackle.
Love the photos Ashley