Monday, September 26, 2011

Bike Rodeo

Friday morning our homeschooling group had our first ever "Bike Rodeo."  The owners of the local bike shop are actually members of our group, and they, along with the bicycling advocacy group of our town,  hosted this "safety skills" event for all our our kids.  I wasn't sure how Clayton would fit into this picture, but we loaded up his bike and showed up ready to go.  It turned out fabulous!  (Photo disclaimer:  ignore Brian's lovely work attire!)

The kids were each checked in and given a card with a list of stations to visit, with tasks to complete at each station.  The first station involved a safety inspection of Clayton's bike and helmet--I'm happy to say that except for low tires, Clayton's bike passed inspection.  :)

The next station involved learning to do a "power start," and then stopping at a stop sign.  Clayton didn't exactly get off to a power start, but he did pedal almost the whole way by himself and stopped right at the stop sign.  He was too excited at this first station--I think it finally dawned on him that he was getting to REALLY participate in this event!

The next station involved weaving through tennis balls and avoiding obstacles.  With a little help, he was able to pass with flying colors!
The other stations were all about learning to watch for traffic and avoiding the bigger obstacles.  One station was called "Demon Driveway," which most know describes our driveway to a tee . . . he learned to look left and right and even learned the hand signals for turning left and right.  
Clayton was all smiles all morning.  Each time we've mentioned the Bike Rodeo since, he simply says, "DO AGAIN!"  Brian and I were elated that he was able to fully engage in this activity.  No sitting on the sidelines this time!  It was wonderful!!


Stacy said...

Go Clayton!!! His smile is the best! I am so glad he got to fully participate in his Rodeo. We all take so much for granted sometimes...not Clayton! :) He is such a sweet soul Ashley.

Patti H said...

I so love the big ole smile on Claytons face!!

Amy said...

Love this! Clayton looks so happy.