Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Lesson in Sharing?

Since having Jackson, I've become more in tuned to what toys are *the* toys to have.  Apparently, these "cozy coupes" are at the top of the list of every toddler.  Every time we are around one, I can't keep Jackson out of them.  It was no different when he saw that Tucker had one.  Only problem?  Tucker was feeling a bit territorial about his stuff !  Most of the day was spent trying to teach them to SHARE the toys.  Neither one of them was getting the drift--they insisted on squeezing in together.   

Of course, they kept getting stuck.  They'd whine and complain because they couldn't move and needed rescued.  And immediately after the rescue, they'd both jump right back in for the next go 'round!
Luckily, Allison and I didn't have to fight the battle all day long.  They finally gave in and took turns--but it wasn't because they actually wanted to.  I think they were just worn down from all that wrestling in such a tight space!

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Nic said...

Every Kid MUST have one! I think we have had three of them over the years!