Friday, March 11, 2011

Got Lashes?

(photo~August 2004)
Everyone has always noticed Clayton's long, thick eyelashes.  When he was a baby, his eyes were always the first thing people commented on:  their pretty blue, the lashes, and how he was taking everything in.  Over time, Clayton finally "grew into" his lashes and while still long, they weren't the first, most obvious thing people saw.  And with the addition of glasses, they are sometimes hidden (even though he has a tough time keeping his lashes off of his glasses!).  But when I saw this picture I took Friday, I realized that he still has some long mammy-jammy eyelashes he can flutter around!
As I kept perusing through pictures, this one jumped out at me immediately:
(Not taking away from the cuteness of their closeness in this pic), but I opened this pic up and BOOM!  Jackson's lashes just popped out at me!  I guess I don't notice his as much in person since they are blonder than Clayton's.  He seriously looks like he could be doing a mascara commercial in this pic!


Stacy said...

It is funny how things we see daily we don't really SEE. Your boys have beautiful eyes.

Amy said...

Wow, both of them do have long eyelashes. My Emma has long ones too. People comment on them often. Both of your boys are so handsome, and I particularly liked both of these photos of the boys. I wish I could take shots like these of Emma. Seems like photographers never do her justice.