Sunday, March 27, 2011

12/52 From the Jewelry Box

As soon as I read this week's theme, I knew exactly what I would take a picture of: my Pandora charm bracelet. (Too bad it took me until yesterday to actually get the photo taken!) I really wanted to take a photo of the bracelet on my hand, but I wear it on my right wrist and try as I might (even with the tripod's help), I couldn't manage snapping a picture of my wrist while also keeping things in focus, etc.

For My Boys

Since Jackson came along, I've been wanting a piece of "mom jewelry" that had my boys' names or initials on them.  And while I still may do something like that, Brian took the initiative to get this bracelet for me for my birthday last year.  I picked out all of the charms based on birthstones.  The red charms represent Brian's birthstone:  Garnet.  The green charms are for Shawn and Clayton--their birthstone is a Peridot.  And the charm in the middle is for Jackson, who's stone is a Pearl.

Love wearing this . . . my heart on my sleeve I guess you could say . . . 

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Leslie said...

those beads are gorgeous!!!