Thursday, November 04, 2010

Up and Running!

Our computer is finally working again!  I know there are more important things, but thank you, Jesus, for protecting that hard drive!  I have all of my stuff backed up on an external drive, but I was still having small panic attacks about the fate of my years of digital pictures.  Proves even more how important it is to BACK YOUR FILES UP!

We are finally back into the swing of things after our trip to Florida and Georgia.  It's been a bit nippy here these last couple of days, so it's hard to believe we were in our bathing suits on the beach just last week!
We spent the week at what's become our usual place, and although it's definitely not the emerald waters of the gulf, I've come to enjoy the Atlantic side for its unique beauty.  And for me personally, this trip was much more enjoyable than last year since I wasn't breastfeeding Jackson the whole time!  The only minor hiccup we had this year was a touch (or was it a hit?) of food poisoning.  Brian and I had a couple of days where we just had to grin and bear being sick away from home.  Wasn't fun, but we managed.  We were still able to enjoy the beach as a family and we got some much needed downtime.  Renewed our energy for the busy season ahead of us!

(Photo by Brian--most of you know I don't get up early enough for sunrise pics!)


Mamma of Many said...

We sure enjoyed getting to see you all last week. Thank you SO much for taking time to stop by. I pray for you all often, and love you dearly. I will try to find pictures to send to you soon.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Beautiful picture! SO glad that you were able to get away as a family and relax (minus the food poisoning!).

Patti H said...

beautiful photo Brian.