Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful: A Matter of Perspective

It seems I blog a lot about perspective, but only because the word describes a lot of what my feelings and emotions are based on these days.  I guess we all make those "I'm thankful for . . ." lists each year.  And while most often the items on the list rarely change, I think sometimes they are rearranged.  Of course I'm thankful for my material posessions this year.  We have been blessed above and beyond with so many things we simply want.  But I have to say the following non-things are at the top of my list this year:

1.  MEDICAL ADVANCES:  I love my Clayton so much.  I hated seeing him so sick this summer.  THANK YOU, LORD for allowing his healing through the work of doctors, nurses, and modern medicine.  This summer made me realize (again) just how precious Clayton's life was and how each day with him is an AWESOME GIFT to be enjoyed and LIVED!

And on a much smaller scale, thank you, Lord, for the field of Urology and a urologist who works on Thanksgiving weekend.  Brian has been battling a kidney stone for over a week, and finally had it removed by the doctor this morning.  And while his pain isn't completely over, at least that blasted stone is out and Brian can get on with his life!  It's been interesting seeing him go near stir-crazy from battling this thing all week.

2.  ACTION-JACKSON:  How sweet it is to have this ball of energy running around the house!  (Sometimes exhausting and annoying, but still very sweet!)  Thank you, Lord, for giving this beautiful boy to us!  He is simply amazing to watch.  Tiny miracles each day that remind us never to take normal for granted. 

3.  MY PARENTS:  How many times this year alone have my parents dropped what they are doing just to help us out in a time of crisis?? (We seem to have too many of these!)  Not to mention their countless hours of babysitting throughout Clayton's life.  It doesn't matter what I need of them or from them, my mom and dad always come through for me.  Thank you, Lord for my parents, who make AWESOME grandparents!

4.  MY BROTHER AND SISTER-N-LAW:  This summer, Josh and Nicole helped us out big time when Clayton was in the hospital (Josh was in Memphis the moment I asked and Nicole kept Jackson when my parents needed a break).  And this past week, they were there again in our crisis.  When Brian went to the E.R., Nicole was happy to drive into town and pick up Jackson for me.  Josh was on call all week to take Brian to the doctor.  I was so glad I didn't have to worry about Jackson and definitely glad Josh was willing to get up in the middle of the night if need be!  Thank you, Lord for family!

Like I said, these things are always on my list.  But this year they seem especially important and at the top for sure.

I am blessed!

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Patti H said...

yes you are blessed but so are they to have you in their lives. Hugs Ashley! We do need to count our blessing