Sunday, November 07, 2010

Discovering the Beach

Jackson didn't quite know what to think his first day on the beach.  Once we got off the boardwalk, I put him down in the sand and he just wouldn't move!  It was like that all day--put him down, and he stayed in that exact spot until someone rescued him.  Almost like he didn't think it was possible to walk in the sand!  He was also a little overwhelmed by the sounds of the sea.  The waves were pretty high that day and when the water took away the sand under his feet, he had a small meltdown.  Brian was eventually able to get him to wade back out for a second and third go-round. 

Here he is waiting for a rescue:
We had to demonstrate how cool the sand was to dig in MANY times before he actually decided to investigate.  It wasn't until the second day that he decided that there were treasures to be found--this is when he started filling his pockets with shells.  By day three, he was an old pro. 
Meanwhile, Clayton was happy to hang out in the shade of the pier (perfect place on the beach for us!).  He spent his time watching the people walking by and the boats on the horizon. 
Brian waded out into the water with both boys, and even took a swim by himself, but I was content to keep my toesies dry--it was hot, but not hot enough for a dip in the ocean in October!  They all three even got in the pool, but that water was even colder.  I'm just not much into swimming past September!

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Patti H said...

I am so enjoying your vaction photos. Looks like everyone finally enjoyed the beach day!