Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Test Drive!

Clayton got to test drive another power chair today and it was so much better than the last one!  That first chair he drove was so big since it was a sit-to-stand, but this one today was a Permobil Koala and it's so perfect size-wize for him!  He can't stand in it, but it just seems so much more appropriate for him . . . he gets to drive it again in a couple of weeks (needs lots of lessons so we can figure out if he needs a joystick or some other kind of switch).  Also, Brian didn't get to come today, so he'll want to see him in it before we make a final decision.  Here are a few videos from today.  Hope you don't get sick watching them, as I was filming, dealing with Jackson and during the second one even got a phone call I had to answer!  But you'll get the general idea of how his driving went even if it does make you nauseous!!!

I must say that we're feeling a lot better after seeing this one.  The sit-to-stand was so big, it was just too OVERWHELMING!  It made us sick thinking of having that giant in the house, but seeing this one today got me excited once again about the possibilities a power chair will bring Clayton!


Anonymous said...

dang that is sooo cute!!!! he gave that salesman a run for his money!!!! goo clayton!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Watchin that dude try and keep up with him was crackin me up! Josh

Cheri Pryor said...

That 2nd video looks like he was trying to run over the guy. lol!! He's a little speed racer for sure. This chair seems just his size!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, thanks for posting these, I just found them. I am so glad you and Brian were willing to let me come into your lives and work with Clayton, he is such a pleasure to help with his mobility needs. Thanks again for letting me help you, it is moments like these that make what I do so fulfilling and remind me why I stay in this field.

Cary Yarbrough