Friday, February 12, 2010


Not much to blog about, but thought I'd better write something so the blog won't go stale . . .

**Jackson's into everything--he especially loves the fake grass in the pot of the ficus tree. Yeah . . . love picking that up constantly!!

**I've changed Jackson's clothes three times today and Clayton's twice. It's only noon--why can't they stick to one change of clothes a day? My laundry pile just gets higher and higher.

**Speaking of laundry, Clayton's medport on his line was open last night when we turned the pump on. That means when I noticed it an hour later that an hour's worth of formula had pumped right onto the bed and floor. Nothing like changing the sheets at 11:00!

**And speaking of nightime, Brian and I get no meaningful sleep these days. Between Clayton's nightmares and Jackson wanting to snack all night, we're about to pull our hair out. Last night Clayton started SCREAMING and scared the daylights out of a slumbering Jackson. Clayton recovered as soon as we went in and turned the lights on, but Jackson was a ball of nerves for the next hour. :banging head against wall:

**And on that note, why is it that during the day Clayton is all about doing things alone (when we pulled up to Hobby Lobby yesterday he told me to take Jackson in while he stayed in the car with the music!), but the moment bedtime comes, he suddenly can't live without me! Every. single. night. You can't leave him until he's fast alseep or he has a major meltdown. And I'm not talking about an "I need attention meltdown," it's an "I'm scared to death!" meltdown.

**Someday, we'll be like normal folks and put our kids to bed and go to our own bed and sleep, sleep, sleep. Won't we??? Someday???


Katy said...

You're asking the wrong person! If Charlie wakes up upset, we just put him in our bed--we love sleep that much.

Cheri Pryor said...

Right. (And that's all I'm saying.)