Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer Season

This past Saturday was Clayton's first soccer practice of the year. It's always interesting to see what's going to happen with him out there on the field! His two helpers definitely got a workout since he did little walking on his own. Towards the end, he did finally talk them into getting him out of the walker--that was when the REAL workout started . . .he's just so stiff with those AFO's on that there's no easy answer on moving him around the field. We are planning on trying his reverse walker next week and if that doesn't work, I say let him wear his regular shoes so he can loosen up and kick the ball!
Can you see him waving back at mom? :)
Throwing the ball into the goal:
And here they are planning their strategy:
Snapped the pic right after he kicked the ball:

And here's how they motored around the field--just picked up his feet and pushed onward . . .
It's so chaotic on the field since each child has at least one helper. When they actually played the scrimmage, it was just this huge mass of people moving around the field. Who knows where the ball actually was?! But all in all, it seemed a lot more organized than last year simply because the parents were asked to stay on the sidelines and let the helpers do the work.


Patti H said...

I can not believe how much Clayton has grown in one year. Great photos Ashley. Love the shot of him waying at his Momma

Cheri Pryor said...

Those gals must be in tip-top shape! lol! How fun to see him out and about on a soccer field, though. Great pictures!

Barbara said...

Great pictures - thanks for sharing! It must have been a good workout for everyone!

Keri said...

Oh man, this is AWESOME! Love seeing Clayton out in the action. I'd love to find something like this for Logan. Very cool!