Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nature's Way?

I can't sleep. I've been up and down every night for a week and I bet I was awake every 30-45 minutes last night. Tonight should be even more interesting since it seems to be getting worse as the days pass! And at 3:00 this morning it finally occurred to me: maybe this is just nature's way of getting me ready for nights with a newborn!
(Photo taken at the local university--I can't believe these tulips have survived the wind and cold air of the past few days!)


Patti H said...

I believe it is nature's way too. I just love that photo of the tulips!

Melanie said...

oooh its gotta be preparing you for baby time. Of course watch the baby sleep through the night and you're the one who will be awake...now wouldn't that suck?!?!

Cheri Pryor said...

Beautiful picture! Tulips are my absolute favorite....and yes, you are getting close, my dear. I wonder when the "nesting" will begin? Or has it already? lol!