Monday, April 20, 2009

Shifting Gears

I'm still getting over last week. It's almost like I'm moving in slow motion while my mind is making list after list of things I need to be doing. I spent Saturday taking it easy and the minute I decided to get up and move around, the contractions slowly returned, albeit randomly. I felt even better Sunday morning and since the sun was shining, decided to give church a go. I really needed to be there anyway since the day was supposed to be spent preparing for the Caravan Blue and White Dinner that yours truly was in charge of! To be honest, the service was mostly a blur because all three of us seemed out of it--even Clayton was extra whiney from all the craziness of last week. And even though I should have come home and gone straight back to the couch, I did manage to get back up to the church to at least help a bit and supervise the dinner. I was actually okay for a while, but it was definitely time for me to sit down and rest long before the dinner ever even started.

Just to prove how bad I felt: I only took two pictures and never even bothered to ask anyone to use my camera for pictures! Definitely a sign that I'm not feeling well!

I'm so glad I had MANY, MANY helpers who took the bull by the horns last night and just did what had to be done--the dinner went over without a hitch and the families and kids had a great time (from what I've heard and could tell).

I'm hoping to spend the rest of the week taking it easy--I'm just sending major "stay-in-the-womb" vibes to Baby C!

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