Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Think I'm Losing It

**I've forgotten to buckle Clayton in his wheelchair twice since the wreck
**I came in from Wal-Mart the other day and forgot to unload my car (which included a gallon of milk)--let the stuff sit out there for about 45 minutes before I realized I had never unloaded it!
**I was searching for the peanut butter yesterday and couldn't find it in the cabinet even though I knew we had a new jar--finally found it right next to the jelly in the refrigerator where I had put it the day before.
**I realized yesterday afternoon that I had only shaved one leg in the shower yesterday morning.
I'm not sure I should be allowed out alone, much less be allowed to take care of a child!!


Kelli said...

hmmm having a mind that forgets like that usually only means one thing....LOL

Vanessa said...

When I went to get my sweet girl out of her car seat this morning at school, I realized I had never finished buckling her in. It is a good thing God is looking out for our children! :)

Paula (poncho) said...

ROFL you've obviously got too much on your mind at the moment.

Vanessa said...

Had to comment again - This morning I went to fix my daughter's pediasure. Only instead of pouring it into her sippy cup I started pouring it into my coffee. Ugh!

Leslie said...

sounds like the week I'm headed for! LOL may we both come out better than we started ;)