Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Leftover Thoughts from Christmas

On Christmas Eve, I was able to sing with the choir and it felt so good to be a part of them. Felt really good to sing at the top of my lungs! At any rate, we sang the now classic Christmas song Mary, Did You Know? and the words rang truer than ever for me.

The blind will see!
The deaf will hear!
The dead will live again!
The dumb will speak
The Praises of the Lamb!!
THE LAME WILL LEAP! How reassuring to know that eventually Clayton will walk! If not in this life, but in Heaven above. God could have easily healed Shawn if He had wanted, but He chose not too. But the dead will live again--in Christ and through Christ. And if He so chooses, Clayton will walk unassisted someday. I've seen a part of these words come to fruition just this week. Our music pastor's daughter was born deaf. Her family has prayed her entire life that she will one day hear. Today, 20 years later, their prayers are coming true. She is getting a cochlear implant put in as I type this. THE DEAF WILL HEAR! And even though it took 20 years, they are definitely getting the answer to their prayer. How amazing and how encouraging!
So I will keep praying the promises of God and keep singing His praises--one day I will get an answer!


Cynthia said...

That is such a great thing to be positive....One day...if you believe!!
God Bless...and see you on jazz(cynthiaf)

~Denise aka NYNative said...

Your post today has put tears in my eyes. My husband once did a 'sermonette' on when Job's wife said to 'curse God and die' then the opposite must be true... We can bless God and live! Your post blesses God. See the positive in everything and BLESS GOD!
I love ya girl!

laurensmom said...

awesome post. blessings from God will asend on that clay-boy!

Sweetgirl said...

Ashley DH and my daughter who is 5 love that song. DH played a lot through the Cristmas season. I love the words and the song as well.
DD says mommy I love this song and than she starts singing Mary did you know, SO CUTE!


Christy said...

Praise God!! That is awesome & I love that you can look at it that way!

Paula Clark said...

You have such an amazing outlook on everything Ashley - I really admire you for that :)